Meet Tuck and Ginger – best of friends…

Tuck & Ginger spend a LOT of time together.

Tuck and Ginger snooze on the sofa

Worst of enemies…

But that doesn’t mean they’re always good friends.

Tuck and Ginger love adventures


Tuck really is a scaredy-cat, and can often by found hiding in bushes.

Tuck is a scaredy cat


Sometimes Minnie comes to visit
(dressed in her most glamorous red tutu).

Minnie in a red tutu


Ginger likes to think back on her days on the catwalk.

Ginger on the catwalk

But sometimes…

Tuck & Ginger forget their differences
and snuggle up in a tight, dreamy, purry furball. Zzzz…

Tuck & Ginger snuggling
Tuck and Ginger

All Aboard!

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