Cats On The Run - the hilarious chapter book for animal lovers

Cats On The Run

Tuck & Ginger’s first adventure

“This chapter book is laugh-aloud funny, quirky and original. Do we perhaps have another Andy Griffiths waiting in the wings?”
– Buzzword Books
“Take one book with two feline heroes that just don’t get along, add two foul-smelling witches and a sprinkle of magic and what do you get? You get Cats On The Run…one highly entertaining children’s book. This chapter book is such a funny read for kids aged 8 to 12 or any adults who want a good laugh. It’s witty and clever”
– The Mummy Project
Cats On The Run rated a Five Star read by Scholastic Reviewers
The Scholastic Reader Review Crew
Cats Undercover - the hilarious chapter book for animal lovers

Cats Undercover

Tuck & Ginger’s crazy next adventure

“Cats Undercover is every bit as snarky, funny and filled with rhyming and alliteration as the first book. Buy it for the middle-grader in your life and then read it yourself.”
– pop.edit.lit
“This is a great read for more confident middle graders who enjoy language play, funny adventures and, of course, love cats!”
– The Children’s Book Council of Australia

Amazon #1 Best Seller!
Kid’s Humour category in Australia

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